Stuff About Me – well, you were warned...


As a kid growing up in the late 1950’s I discovered model building, in particular, model cars. A few of my friends took up the hobby and we would proudly show off our creations. And what “gluebombs” they were (the cars, not my friends)! By the time I was in my mid-teens these pastimes were overshadowed by real cars and life’s adventures. Sometime later I found time to graduate from the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design with a Bachelor of Fine Arts and a BFA in Art Education.


So fast forward to the mid - 90’s and I decide to use scale models to recreate a field of abandoned and rusted vehicles; a scene that had been in my head since those halcyon, adolescent days in Cape Cod, poking about forbidden junkyards. Being low on the project priority list, it was about half finished when relegated to the “in progress” shelf and forgotten.


Early in the new millennium I get the “good news” from my doctor that I have Multiple Myeloma. Well, over a decade later I am still here. As things looked rather bleak for the first while, I figured I better get some unfinished projects completed. So back to the diorama and this time I finished it. Upon its completion I realized I had really enjoyed the project. It took me to a new and different world that did not include health challenges.


I did not want to leave my model world so I decided to do a scale model car with no rust and dents. I bought a new kit followed by another new kit and then parts on EBay. The bug bit and bit hard. I now have shelves full of unbuilt styrene and resin kits and boxes of miscellaneous parts. I will never run out of models to make. I tend to add a lot of detail, so some builds take me a long time to complete. Much has changed for model cars in 60 years! Better models from better molds, after-market parts and new paints. I constantly source new ideas and techniques. I am still just a newbie and every build is a learning experience. There are some great model-makers out there of all ages. They are doing fantastic things and many can be contacted by internet for advice. Wow!


I have lived in British Columbia’s Fraser Valley since the late 70’s. Carol, my greatest love, life-partner and best friend, displays remarkable tolerance for this unlikely hobby of mine.



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